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Award Winning Flax Moose

Performance from the Swedish forest

View Our Collection Of Touring Poles

Easy to adjust in order to quickly switch from hiking to riding

Sverre Liliequist

Legendary Swedish freerider is one of our ambassadors

Bamboo Monochromatic

Made of organic material with outstanding durability - providing you a pole you can trust in any condition. Available in six different colors. 

Our Collection Of Ski Poles

From touring to all-mountain. Poles made of environmentally smart and strong materials.

Kang Poles

Explore our collection of best-in class poles for all-mountain riding and touring.

Our dream is to keep skiing deep powder tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. That’s why our poles are mainly produced in environmentally smart materials such as flax, bamboo and leather. 

What Customers Think

Best ski poles on the planet!

- Sverre Liliequist, Sweden

I have been raving to friends about your product and now that I have a customer service story to go along with it even better.

- Kevin, United States

In love with the telescopic poles, they take me anywhere I want to go.

- Karin, Norway

Our Most Versatile Pole

Kang Telescopic Monochromatic

Kang Telescopic is a two-part aluminium pole developed to minimize weight in order to save energy for the freeriders willing to find their own paths on the mountain. It’s super reliable no matter the conditions.

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