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We are here to help answer the most common questions about our poles

  • How do you remove the basket?

    A: In order to remove the old ones we advice the following: 

    1. Take a soft cloth and cover the upside of the basket 

    2. Place an open-end wrench (or similar tool that fits neatly around the shaft) on top of the cloth, with the shaft placed in the U-shape of the wrench 

    3. Take a hammer and strike downwards on the wrench in order for the basket to come off. Try not to leave marks neither on the basket nor the shaft/tip 

  • How do you mount the baskets?

    1. Place the top of the pole on a soft surface such as a rug 

    2. Take on a pair of gloves in order not to hurt your hands 

    3. Place the basket with the bottom up and press it firmly towards the ground until the top of the basket is tight against the slot in the tip 

    4. Turn the pole in the right direction and double check that there is not space between the basket and the slot in the tip 

  • What is the function of the powder basket?

    Check out what our ambassador and legendary freeride profile Sverre Liliequist have to say about them:

  • Sometimes the length of my Telescopic Monochromatic changes even when it’s locked, how do I prevent this?

    Most likely you have tighten the screw on the lock. Let our ambassador and legendary freeride profile Sverre Liliequist show you: