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Made in Sweden

From the 22/23 season and onwards, Kang poles are Made in Sweden. It reduces the impact from transport but most importantly allows us to keep full control of the production process – from materials to our people, their working conditions and of course the quality of the products.


Our main focus when developing new products is to find great materials both in a sustainability and functionality perspective. We try to find renewable materials which have low CO2 footprint and can be manufactured in Sweden.

This is why we choose to work with flax composite instead of carbon fiber. Our flax composite has approximately 5 times less CO2 footprint than carbon fiber and 0,5 times less than aluminum made in China. Also, flax fibers comes from a plant, which makes it renewable in comparison to the popular alternatives. Our flax is grown in France and our pole is manufactured in Piteå, Sweden.

Åre, Sweden

For us, Åre is more than a ski-resort. It’s the well-deserved home of the Swedish ski community, regardless if you are a piste, freeride or ski-touring enthusiast. Even if you are not from Åre or have been there before, it’s the place Swedish skiers all return to. A great place to get inspiration and real-world testing of our design development and product features.


We assemble the products in our own workshop in Åre. For the components don’t produce ourselves, we use smaller Swedish manufacturers who share our care for people and the planet, by paying and treating their people well, with high quality tools and machinery.

 We don’t do all this to make the cheapest poles on the planet. We do that because we believe that a pair of poles that can last a lifetime and help keep our mountains covered in snow is worth paying a little extra for.