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Kang Max Palm Edition

A truly unique bamboo pole

Max Palm needs no further introduction to freeride lovers. We are extremely proud to have him on our team. Son of a legendary mountain guide, we’ve had our eyes on Max for quite some time. In 2018 we welcomed Max to the Kang family as a team rider and four years later he won his first Freeride World Tour competition.

Last year Max called us and wanted his own design on the poles. Max had a very clear idea on how he wanted the pole. He wanted a unique color combination and our classic Kang grip in order for him to get a good and tight sense of the poles when riding. We were of course thrilled.

A few months later he was the first ever who did a double back flip on the Freeride World Tour, with his own pair of Kang edition poles in his hands.

Have a look at the clip below to hear Max own words on why he likes us and rides our Bamboo poles. The Max Palm Edition is a limited edition pole of only 50 pairs, sold exclusively online. By ordering now, you can be one of the select few riding the same poles as Max Palm. 

Shaft made of 100% organic bamboo

Max Palm Edition

Twice as strong as aluminium with 80% less CO2 impact. A limited edition pole of only 50 pairs.

Kang Max Palm Edition

A limited edition pole of only 50 pairs

Max Palm Edition

Made of 100% organic bamboo

Twice as strong as aluminium

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